Why Work With Us

In short: Because it makes sense!
You may be asking yourself “Why should we not just contact some companies in China through one of the many portal sites like Alibaba, Global Sources or Made in China and ask for a quote?”. The answer to that is because by working with us you avoid mistakes and can significantly reduce the risk involved in your trading activities.

We offer you a full service package ranging from assisting you with drafting the specifications for your product, the location of suppliers, on-site quality audits by our local representatives all the way to logistics and even marketing activities.
That means your products can be independently checked against pre-defined criteria even before they leave the factory. You do not have to wait until the products arrive to know whether the products are up to your specifications. This significantly reduces your risk and hassle with outsourced production or ordering finished goods from China. Furthermore, we can help you with logistics, that is to get your products to where you need them to be as cost-efficiently as possible. Please contact us so we can develop a solution that meets your needs.

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