Services for Western Companies

When engaging in trade with the Far East, many questions come up: what are the differences doing business there, what about government issues? Will we encounter language problems? Are our partners trustworthy? Will product quality meet our expectations? How can we build effective long-term partnerships?
We can help you answer these questions. Our professional staff are local people who know how to do business there. They know the suppliers including their strengths and weaknesses and will help you find exactly what YOU need. In combination with our western management and know-how this will make doing business much more effective for you.

Sourcing Services

It is difficult to find trustworthy partners on the other side of the globe. There are many barriers to enter a new market or work with companies in other countries. Particularly if your experience with the other culture is limited and you lack any personal contacts.
Through our years of experience of sourcing products and services in the Far East, particularly in China, we can serve as your gateway to the East as well as to the West.

If you are looking for products manufactured in the Far East or would like to find a company that can manufacture a product according to your specifications, we will help you make such arrangements. We have certified and qualified partners waiting for our OEM/ODM requests.

Marketing and Sales Services

You offer high quality innovative products, but have no access to and no idea about how to successfully enter the world’s biggest and fastest growing market? We can help you! We are equally well introduced in the Chinese premium consumer goods market as in the Chinese tooling and production process industry. It will be our pleasure to make your market entry a success.

Once you have identified a target market, you still need to accomplish a number of tasks to actually sell your products and services in that market. As a prerequisite to enter a certain market there can be special certification requirements, e.g. CE, EN, DIN or UL certifications. It will be our pleasure to help you overcome such hurdles and develop new markets with you. We can help you draft sales materials in different languages and tailored to local customs as well as to gather market intelligence and make contacts with sales leads.

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