Services for Asian Companies

If you are a Far Eastern company looking for somebody to help you gain access to Western markets, we will be very pleased to work with you. We will help you overcome the barriers to entry to Western markets and can help you not only with production standards and possible sales leads, but also with things as diverse as advertising materials or even the creation of a local European company branch.

Sourcing Services

If you are looking for high quality and innovative production technologies or tooling which is so far only available in Europe and not in your home market we will be happy to assist you. Just contact us and tell us about the challenges or ideas that you have and we will find the perfect partner and technology for you. We are closely connected to research institutions, universities and innovative labs.

Do you desire an original European design flavor for your own product idea? We cooperate with talented and experienced European product designers who can create a variety of different styles. They will be happy to assist you with their expertise.

Marketing and Sales Services

Once you have identified a target market, you still need to accomplish a number of tasks to actually sell your products and services in that market. As a prerequisite to enter a certain market there can be special certification requirements, e.g. CE, EN, DIN or UL certifications. It will be our pleasure to help you overcome such hurdles and develop new markets with you. We can help you draft sales materials in different languages and tailored to local customs as well as to gather market intelligence and make contacts with sales leads.

Asian companies wanting to unlock a new market for their products in the West often struggle due to the different ways of doing business. We will be pleased to help you bridge the gap and create new markets for your products and services. We can offer you services ranging from market launch assistance to a complete European branch establishment package including location, employee and legal services.

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