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Here we are just showing you some examples of the type of outdoor furniture that we can offer you. Only all-new, UV resistant raw materials and NO recycled material is used in its manufacture. This and several other characteristics such as aluminum tubes with bigger diameter and bigger wall thickness, make our high quality furniture suitable as contract furniture (for HORECA applications). All fabrics are 250 g/m² waterproof polyester.

Why choose our synthetic fiber outdoor furniture?

Quality, function and design:

  • An investment for the future: All furniture you buy from us is available for several years and even after a product’s discontinuation we can often still order the product or have it reproduced. Most other companies cannot provide this service.
  • Weather- and UV-resistance: The highly durable plastic fiber that we use for our furniture is manufactured to the highest standards and is subject to continuous improvement. The fiber is washable, extremely UV-resistant and resistant to temperature variations. Our experts ensure a uniformly colored synthetic fiber that meets the highest standards.
  • Synthetic fiber (non-recycled material): Our round synthetic fiber material always contains a steel wire for added strength and durability. The added steel wire also prevents sagging and vandalism is effectively prevented. In our items with wider weaving, we also use only the highest quality material. Through the dense weaving and using extra thick material, even intense solar radiation is not an issue and the weaving will never appear “wobbly” or even stretch or outright break. Please pay particular attention to the weaving material’s properties. It is very important to us to achieve smooth transitions, i.e. ever every weaving segment has only one beginning and one end of thread. Inferior quality furniture has weaving segments that consist of several loose threads and discerning eyes can see that. Such inferior quality weavings may quickly develop loose “rising” ends, which are very detrimental to the items’ appearance.
  • Aluminum frame: The very stable frames of our furniture are made of corrosion-free, high quality, powder-coated aluminum. Through this perfectly welded aluminum frame our furniture is extremely robust and weatherproof. Please note the weight of individual pieces of furniture, as we produce very stable, high quality and heavy goods. Consequently, we only use high quality aluminum tubing with high wall thicknesses and big cross sections.We use the highest material strengths, which cannot be seen upon casual inspection but which will become apparent through our products’ durability. The added weight also gives added stability and prevents furniture from tipping over and thus prevents scratches and chipping.
  • Stretching of the weaving: High-quality garden furniture is more than an aluminum frame with some weaving over it. One of the most important characteristics is the braid’s tight fit to the frame. Try to pull the braid apart with your fingers or to compress it with your hands – with inferior quality products you will quickly end up with a hole. In contrast, our products’ weaving is very tight, uniformly spaced and cleanly mounted and linked. Actual penetration or a hole formation is virtually impossible possible. The accurately stretched weaving combined with the steel wire core effectively prevents the braid from becoming saggy.
  • Professional braiding and weaving: In Asia, the region of origin of our products, good braiders are very respected craftsmen and well-paid employees. It is very important to us to prevent child labor and that our workers receive above-average pay. To ensure that these conditions are met, daily on-site inspections are carried out by us. Through these inspections, we can not only make sure that the working conditions are good, but also guarantee consistently good quality.
  • Metal end caps: In many inferior quality items you can find items that have weaving all the way to the ground. In our products, the weaving at the foot of the item is neatly covered by metal caps. This effectively prevents abrasion of the weaving and adds to the furniture’s high quality appearance. Solid rubber end caps at the bottom of chair legs and the likes also help prevent scratching, abrasion and noise.
  • Flexibility: Through our own business establishments in the Far East, we can always flexibly respond to your and your customer’s needs. Given appropriate order quantities, we can easily customize the shape, color and fabric of our furniture to match your exact specifications. We like to see ourselves as your supplier and partner to help you professionally serve your customers.

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We believe that business is done between people! Please get to know us personally so we can tackle the challenges ahead together. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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