Value Proposition

When engaging in trade with the Far East, many questions come up: What are the differences doing business there? What about government issues? Will we encounter language problems? Are our partners trustworthy? Will the product quality meet our expectations? How can we build effective long-term partnerships?

We can help you answer these questions. Our professional staff are local people who know how to do business there. They know the suppliers including their strengths and weaknesses and will help you find exactly what YOU need. In combination with our western management and know-how this will make doing business much more effective for you. If you are a Far Eastern company looking for somebody to help you gain access to Western markets, we will also be very pleased to work with you.

We have own qualified staff for all commodities we offer at particular specialized production center of China. These ensure a frictionless sourcing, quality assurance and handling procedures.

We only cooperate with qualified and trustful partners, which are able to fulfill our German requirements regarding quality, functionality and reliability. All of our partners have their own design and research facilities but are also happy to manufacture according your requirements (ODM).